als worry

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    Als worry

    Hey I’ve read everything here just asking quick question then I’ll be gone I had emg Monday but he did it on my left side even though I’ve been having these burning aching pains and numbness all localized to right side I asked him after why he didn’t do my right on the phone and he said why...
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    Update to a closed thread from January 2018

    I just wanted to hop on and thank everyone who left messages for me regarding my fear of having ALS. I have stayed off the forum as promised but just giving update as some had asked that I do. My neurologist did a upper extremity repeat EMG and NCS and still states findings of bilateral carpal...
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    ALS worry

    Hello everyone. About two months ago I began having aome balance/coordination issues with my right leg. It started aching, pins needles, stiffness. Sometimes it's hard to walk on it. I feel so unbalanced when walking. On occasion i'll get cramping in my left leg. I can see muscle twitching in...
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    ALS worry very scared

    Hello everyone about 2 days ago I was sitting at my computer and then got in the bed only to feel and notice my right big toe twitching it twitched for awhile then it went away from that foot to the right foot. I went to the doctor that morning and she said I'm suffering from stress an anxiety...