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    What do i do?

    It's been a weird 24 hours. 36 hours ago I was on a flight home to Canada from the UK for a little bit of relief from exam time (I study Law there). Biggest worries on my mind at that time were "hope my pinky heals from a fall I took while in a hurry", and, more importantly: "when, how, and to...
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    So many questions

    Hello everyone, I'm posting on the behalf of my father, who was recently diagnosed with ALS. His symptoms started about a year ago with loss of balance, then loss of coordination in his legs. He remained unconcerned by it, but I prompted him to get checked out. Our family physician ran basic...
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    A few questions for ALS Pros

    About 2 years ago, I started having twitching all over my body. Some twitches were quick and some were like worms crawling under my skin. The symptoms sprang up from there. Here are the symptoms that I currently have now and these have progressed within the past two years: Muscles are shaky...
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