als guardian angels stu

  1. indigosd

    VOTE for ALS Guardian Angels!

    Time to repay all of ALSGA kindness, blessings and gifts to us ♥ VOTE and share this with everyone you know-let's do another "Kinga" victory! Here is the link Chase Community Giving on Facebook
  2. indigosd

    HELP with Exposure for ALS Guardian Angels!

    This is a message that I got on my facebook to help with exposure for ALSGA and I am asking all of our forum friends and family to actively participate. Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. I know I'm sure not! Thank you all for your support of ALS Guardian Angels...
  3. indigosd

    NOMINATE Stu our ALS Guardian ANGEL!

    PLEASE get behind me and NOMINATE our Angel Stu for "The 2010 Presidential Citizens Medal"! THE DEADLINE IS TOMORROW, 28 January 2010! Help me tell the USA how incredible this man is for us and also bring ATTENTION to the plight of PALS and CALS! Thank you ♥ Kay Marie Here is the link for the...