als cure

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    Any effective treatment ?, help please!

    Hi, my name is Miguel, Im from mexico, my father was recently diagnosed with als in march of this year... Me and my family are very desperate because the disease has progressed very fast... he can almost walk and speak, he cant move his hands... and he is very depressed, just as we are.. He is...
  2. R

    What is the most promising researcher? I want to donate.

    Hello, I want to donate some money for MND/ALS cure research. Could you please name some most promising entities?
  3. J

    Two New ALS Remedy Books

    ** SPAM DELETED ** Hannah Yoseph, MD
  4. TedH5

    CBS NY story on the Emory Stem cell trial

    Stem Cell Research Could Lead To ALS Cure « CBS New York
  5. K

    ALS jewelry

    I want to help raise funds for ALS research and so hope to create some kind of jewelry that can be sold by the Les Turner Foundation ( here in Illinois ) and maybe others too. Like many of you, I wear my silicone bracelet ( Mine says "Fighting Lou Gehrig's Disease ". ) all the time. ( I only...
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    new hope for als cure
  7. C

    Mucous Plug Blockage In Lung

    Hello Everyone, Just to let you know I lost my husband to ALS this past Sunday at 8:40 P.M. Never have heard of a muscous plug blockage by anyone until the time of his death. He did tell everyone he was having trouble breathing after his trach operation, in the hospital, and when he came...
  8. Mike27

    Stem Cells Shed Light on ALS Cure

    In keeping with the article that Saska provided yesterday, here's another. From the article: Cheers!
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    According to law of average, ALS cure is in near future.

    Wouldn't it be remakable if more than one group of specialists presented us with THE Real cure for ALS within the same week? What a glorious time in History that would make! If one specialist came up with the REAL CURE for ALS around the same time, we would have the same...