als clinics

  1. K

    Jacksonville Florida; UF Shands or Mayo ALS Clinic

    I’m looking for pros and cons for the UF Shands and Mayo ALS Clinics in Jacksonville, FL. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
  2. KarenNWendyn

    Question about ALS clinics outside the US and Canada

    Hi all, I’m writing a book on living with ALS. I’m curious if countries besides the US and Canada have a similar clinic set-up to what we have. We have “ALS clinics” which are held approximately every 3 months and are staffed by the attending neurologist and a team of therapists who all see...
  3. D

    Diagnosed in October

    After nearly 4 months of tests and 2 EMGs I have been diagnosed with ALS. Looking back a few years I can see small changes in health that progressed to this diagnoses. Next month I will be 77. I am going to my first visit at an ALS Clinic (Indianapolis) on Tuesday and am preparing a list of...
  4. V

    Newly Diagnosed Question

    My husband was recently diagnosed with ALS after a battery of tests from a referred Neurologists who suggest we get a second opinion. In the DC area we have John Hopkins, Georgetown and George Washington hospitals to choose from - all who have ALS clinics. We have appointments at both Hopkins...
  5. O

    Advice on ALS Clinic Selection?

    Hello. My father was diagnosed w/ALS earlier this month at West Virginia University (WVU). The diagnosis and recommendation to begin Radicava was so swift from WVU that I suggested he get a 2nd opinion. We had the 2nd opinion at the Cleveland Clinic last week, and they want to re-run the EMG and...
  6. A

    (DBQ) Disability Benifits Questionare

    I have PVA as my rep and they also want a DBQ to file claim even though my VA medical records under active problems they have ALS and the VA Doctors from Nuerology and Pulminary refused to sign one. I have been to a Neuro outside VA and they even refused as well as just agreed with VA. My...
  7. K

    Bladder issues

    Sorry I haven't been on in quite a while, I had so much happen to me at the end of last year that depression has really taken a major grip on me and I'm trying my best to fight it...but it's winning. I was referred to Vanderbilt University to start attending the ALS Clinics there and today was...
  8. D

    als clinics

    I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with als but neurologist is unsure of type. I have aiready lost use of my left hand and have weakness in right. I have an appt at MUSC in Charleston SC in Nov and wondering if anyone has had any experience at that facility. I am a veteran and could probably go to the...
  9. KatieNBoyd

    Just wondering

    Hello my friends, The words that you all share and the wisdom that you have spread on these forums has been invaluable. I have been told by a friend and his pastor that I will be there at the right time for someone else that is going through this terrible disease and be able to help them. For...
  10. C

    ALS clinics in DC/Baltimore area -- useful for PLS?

    Hi, my husband with PLS-bulbar onset for about 4 years now has symptoms that are worsening. I'm trying to convince him to attend an ALS clinic although he's not sure it would be useful. He has a neurologist (who diagnosed him early on) whom he really likes, but I feel more consultation with...