als awareness

  1. KimT

    Dental Issues

    After a very uncomfortable and painful dental appointment to replace a 40-year old crown today, I decided I need to write another ALS information sheet for dentists. The ALS Awareness Paper would probably not get read and it doesn't really address dentistry and ALS. When I went for a cleaning...
  2. KimT

    Things I learned from this disease

    1. Don't fall and don't take risks that might lead to a fall. 2. Get other conditions treated early. I have hemorrhoids and should have had them taken care of last Spring. Now I'm in so much pain and still have them. 3. Understand progression rates can and do change 4. Get a local...
  3. scaredwifetx

    The Gleeson story

    I went by myself today to see the Gleeson movie. I must say, it was the most heart warming movie I have ever seen. it is mixed with humor and sadness. I think I cried the majority of the movie but it did not matter since I was the only one watching it. It was an early movie. Steve's attitude...
  4. S

    ALS Awareness

    My PALS has a friend that wrote about him on Chronically You... He added some things that he wanted people to know about how ALS is affecting him. I am attaching the link if anyone wants to take a look.
  5. KimT

    The ALS Awareness Project

    Special thanks to Tillie for all her knowledge and formatting skills. I've already had interest from doctors, clinics, and other health care providers. They want copies. Here's the latest. Thank you to all on the forum who contributed. The hardest part was the personal interviews. I'm...
  6. Nuts

    ALSA Taking Input from PALS and CALS Tuesday

    There is no link in this post, which I copied from the ALSA Facebook Page. You can go there to find the link to register The ALS Association June 14 at 11:09am · Global ALS Awareness Day is Tuesday, June 21, and we’re commemorating the special day with a virtual listening tour event! People...
  7. M

    ALS Awareness Month

    The MDA and ALS association should be ashamed of themselves along with MLB for not partnering up to advocate for this disease this disease is more known as Lou Gehrig disease, one of the greatest players in baseball. So MLB on mother's day can make this grandiose statement for breast cancer...
  8. A

    A tribute

    My nephew wrote this for May ALS awareñess. A tribute to all of us ALS fighters... already it's may. baseball has been back for a month. the days are growing longer. sometimes, they start to blur together. it all becomes routine. I wake up in the morning and drive into work. I go to the...
  9. H

    Results from Dr Glass at Emory

    Well folks, especially Nikki, Tillie, Dusty, Clearwater AL and skipper, who have been so gracious as to put up with my previous DIHALS posts, I may have finally zero'd in on a diagnosis. First off, I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for responding to me. Honestly, you guys...
  10. Nikki J

    From Mass General

    This is part of a fundraising letter from my neurologist ( this is the first time I have received one and I donated to them on more than one occasion so I did not mind at all getting it) I think I removed all fundraising parts but thought the rest might be of interest We, at the Massachusetts...