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    Questions about possible symptoms

    Really worried about potential ALS symptoms. I do deal with a lot of anxiety and obviously getting on google never really seems to help. Going to try and lay down a time line of how things have progressed over the past few months: Jan 2017- was having trouble with food getting caught in throat...
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    Need some help Thank You

    Thank you for taking the time of reading this and replying with your knowledge. To start it was roughly 20 months ago I noticed a twitch in my left bicep didn't think much of it at the time I was working out and then my shoulder I have had pain in for some time started up again and I had a...
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    21 yrs old scared I have als pls help!

    Hi everyone, I'm a 21 yr old male about 3 weeks ago I had a weird pressure on top of my head I was scared of having a brain tumor and I went to see the doctor they said they were tension headaches. About a week later I started having muscle twitches all over my body legs,arms,face,shoulders...
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    I've never been so afraid! Please help!

    Ok, firstly I hope everyone is a well as they can be and thank you for being welcoming. I'll start off with apologising because I feel as if I shouldn't really post on here but I'm driving myself crazy! I'm a 26 year old male, 6'5, 12 stone, and slim (Don't know if that even has relevance) But...
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    Anxiety over als

    Hello everyone. Im 18 years old male who suffers from anxiety over 6 months.but but 2 months ago i started to have dizzines weakness in legs sometimes i could hardly move but it improved a litule bit this week also i have twitching and pain in my legs and hands. When i asked doctor about my...