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  1. Clearwater AL

    New cars...

    New cars… (For those bored... something to read.) :-) Fifteen, twenty and 30 years ago when I bought a newer or a brand new car after I signed the paper work and got the keys… I’d get in the car I just bought, happy with my purchase. I’d reach under the front of the seat and adjust the seat...
  2. MrCrumbs

    Emergency Alert App?

    So I am looking for an app to install on my wife's phone that will allow her to alert me if there's an emergency. I work from home but my office is located in a different floor to allow for a quiet environment. I am thinking about getting her an Android watch or something to use for alerts...
  3. F

    Alert device

    My wife has had Bulbar onset ALS for three years. Last vestige of motor function is her right thumb, head and eyes. She alerts me with wireless doorbell when needed at night and day when she needs help. With inevitable loss of thumb, what advice do you have for me to set up alert device...
  4. Karvorka

    Can't keep my legs still ..

    Hi Everyone, my legs are pretty much toast but there's still some movement and I enjoy moving them while not sleeping, but while I am sleeping I get these sensations to move them like the muscles and tendons tense up and they get uncomfortable and want stretching after 15 or so minutes and I get...
  5. A

    Medical Alert Suggestions

    I want to get my mom a medical alert system. Any suggestions? I want something with fall detection and something that will call me and a few others before calling 911. The one I have found that I like the most is Medical Guardian, $29.95/month, no contract, no fees for equipment. Freedom...
  6. K


    I write to ask if anyone can offer some advice on a "Lifeline" program. I understand there are various companies that offer this service. Are some programs better than others? I live alone and, while still fairly independent, would feel safer to have an alert system in case of a fall or...
  7. L

    Affordable Medic Alert Solutions

    Hello everyone, I have not been able to use my Life Call Medic Alert System for the past 10 months for two reasons. My type of ALS disabled me from the use of my hands and arms. I am unable to wear the bracelet because of the swelling of my arms. Even if I wore the necklace I am unable to...
  8. A

    monitoring / alert systems, panic button

    i've reached a point where i cannot get up by myself from lying down etc... i use bipap most of the day. my family wants me to have a monitoring / alert system (panic button) when i'm alone. any recommendations?
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