air travel

  1. Kristina1

    wheelchairs and insurance question

    How often will insurance pay for a wheelchair- is it one per every certain amount of years? And how hard is it to get approved? I can still walk but fatigue utterly after short distances. I'm worried if we request a wheelchair eval insurance will decide that my ambulation is not impaired...
  2. M

    Air Travel Tips?

    Hello! My brother who has ALS will be traveling on Southwest in early December. His wife and I will be traveling with him. He uses a bipap so we'll need to take that with us on board the airplane. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good bipap battery? Or any other tips for...
  3. jimth

    National Parks

    Me and my wife got back yesterday from a wonderful vacation to Zion and the North Rim Grand Canyon National Parks and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how accommodating they are to wheelchair access. We flew into Las Vegas, which I was apprehensive about because it was my first air...
  4. J

    Dad - FTD and ALS

    Hi all. I have seen several of my friends from my FTD support group out here already. My father was diagnosed with FTD almost 3 years ago. Just this summer, he started falling all of the time which we had attributed to the FTD. It was someone at my Mom's support group who suggested the...
  5. nishant

    Air Travel Advice Needed

    I need some travel advice/tip from the more seasoned travelers. I plan to go to India in Nov 2009 to beat the winter and meet family and friends while I am there. I plan to get back in Feb/Mar 2010. Now here is my problem, I am completely wheelchair bound and cannot stand on my own. The trip...
  6. quadbliss

    Air Travel with a Ventilator

    We recently returned from a fun New York City vacation. I thought it might be helpful to share our ventilator air travel experience with others, so I added an article to my website.:-D Mike
  7. quadbliss

    Public Transportation in NYC

    Hi All, I am considering planning a trip to NYC. This will be my first air travel with a vent, and there are a lot of details to consider. I am interested in hearing from anyone with personal experience using public transportation in NYC from a power wheelchair. Thanks, Mike