1. K

    Fearing For My Life, Please Help

    Before I say anything I just wanted to say that YES, I have read the stickied “read before you post” I am a 19 year old male. Starting in the beginning of November I began to experience constant twitching in my calves. The twitching is 24/7, it does not stop. The only thing that will change is...
  2. M

    Long time without diagnosis

    Hi everybody. I am man 29. My story started a year ago. Something around 01.18 I started to feel strange feeling in upper side of my right feet. It is difficult to describe. Like sock was tight (without sock). I visited doctor, he recommended me antidepressants, (I took them until Spring...
  3. E

    Vitamin deficiency? Thyroid? or possible bulbar als?

    Hello , first of all i wish everyone immediate health. My name is Özgür and im from Turkey. I came here to get some answers and to be honest im a little bit concerned. İ dont want to annoy anyone but this country doesn't have so much knowledge about this disease (apparently me neither but still...
  4. G

    Fear having als please help

    I am 18 years old I always had in my life the fear of having als. In the past 2 months I started feeling weak in my hands and legs and then i started having difficulty eating.(needed a lot more strength to eat) I went to a doctor a patholog.. He said I had a fever and that the weakness was...
  5. lgelb

    Biogen picks up Ionis SOD1 treatment option

    This is important not just for advancing SOD1 tx, but establishing another case where a smaller firm (where a lot of ALS work is being done) has successfully handed off a therapy to a larger firm. This helps incentivize ALS research. ---- [Adapted from Seeking Alpha] Having seen positive...
  6. J

    Worried about having ALS! Help appreciated!

    Hey, im an 18 years old boy, who has been having for about a month painless muscle fasciculations pretty much all over my body especially on my arms and legs, and i've been worried sick this could be an early symptom of ALS. I've already been to the GP, and he told me it is very unlikely i would...
  7. S

    I am Convinced I have ALS.Please Advise.Please

    Gender /Age - Male/36 Feeling Since Six Months- feeling breathless after climbing 15 stairs quickly. Feel like tripping in Bath Tub Fee like going Blank Feeling Since 9 weeks - Twisted my head in Sleep and suffering from stiff neck / shoulder pain/shoulder blade pain. MRI DONE 11/29/2018C6/C7...
  8. Gvincent

    My son

    Hi all, My son was diagnosed just over 4 years ago (October 22, 2014) at the age of 22. Sunday will be his 27th birthday. As we with ALS, four years in and things are looking grim. I was wondering if there are others out there that are in their 20’s and battling this horrible disease? My son...
  9. Q

    To anyone my age worrying, I want to re-assure trust these experts and stop worrying

    To anyone my age worrying, I want to re-assure you trust these experts and stop worrying. If you look through my posts, I was in a absolute panic about ALS. I now know I 100% do not have ALS. I am embrassed I was in such a panic mode about this, and troubled the brave caring souls here. To...
  10. KarenNWendyn

    Sponge Bob Square Pants creator Stephen Hillenburg

    I saw this on the news. I hadn’t realized he had ALS. So sad. Died at age 57. Diagnosed last year, so it sounds like his course was fast.