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    Worried about my children

    Good afternoon, My father was diagnosed with ALS on October 6, 2017. The critical care neurologist said he was about 16-18 month into the progression of the disease and gave him about 8 months. In retrospect, we feel that he was probably more like 2-3 years into the disease. He passed away...
  2. O

    Genetic Testing

    I've asked this question before but want to see if anyone has new information. When I was going through the diagnostic process, the neuro I was seeing suggested genetic testing through the Athena Lab in the Boston area. (Think this lab has a new name now) The cost was about $35,000, so it was...
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    Some help required

    Dear all I'm in a really tough spot and have been for about 3 months. Please can I run my symptoms by you to see if anyone can relate to my condition and progress. I have felt a bit off since the beginning of the year like a growing fatigue, but I put this down to having a 1 year old (now...