age of onset

  1. T

    I am writing a paper for my Physcial Therapy class may I ask a few questions?

    It has to be about an illness that leads to disability that will require physical therapy and the type of physical therapy that patients do. So my questions are, you're age of onset what we're your first symptoms, what physical therapy excercises have you done throughout your illness, what are...
  2. Atsugi

    FALS Age of Onset

    Dr Google says FALS strikes 10 years earlier, on average, than SALS. Another source said FALS could strike as early as 20 years young. Any more inputs? What is the youngest age of onset that you know of? --Mike
  3. C

    Are these statistics accurate?

    Statistics Statistics are a useful tool for describing the chance of something. An example is the postulate that the average age for people being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease is 65, and the standard deviation is nine years. The average age is easy—the average age of people being...
  4. F

    Could this be fALS?

    My father was recently diagnosed with ALS at age 55. There is no history in our family of but several members have died before the typical age of onset. 2 of his mom's sisters died of MS which I'm now wondering if that could have been a misdiagnosis. His dad died at 68, not from ALS or anything...
  5. R

    Do people in their 20's and 30's get PBP?

    Just wondering do people in their 20's and 30's get PBP? I'm wondering what the usual age of onset is, I read somewhere that it is more common in women or elderly women, Is this true? Thanks.
  6. A

    New member...FALS?

    Hello, My father-in-law was recently diagnosed with FTD/ALS. The FTD has been present yet unrecognized/misdiagnosed for quite some time, but now the ALS symptoms have also begun. We are obviously very saddened at this diagnosis and want to learn all we can in order to be able to support my...
  7. M

    Mitochondrial myelopathy

    Hello: After several years of pursuing a diagnosis and finally being told I have a variant of progressive muscular atrophy, a muscle biopsy at recent knee replacement surgery suggests the possibility of a toxic or drug-induced mitochondrial myelopathy. Has anyone had any experience with this...