1. Bestfriends14

    A question for PALS

    Hello, My husband has just ended his clinical trial (he dropped out March 28th) for Pimozide. Apparently, he's not progressed in his right leg or arm since last September but has only slightly in his left leg, which is his drop foot leg. However, I am finding it harder and harder to believe...
  2. A

    Hello and need advice

    Just wanted to say Hello, I was diagnosed with ALS in December 2017. My symptoms started with right leg foot drop in October 2016. I use an AFO and walk with a cane. My left leg is showing signs of weakness and will be getting an AFO for my left leg as well, I think. Is it difficult to walk...
  3. Bestfriends14

    From one leg to the next?

    Hello all, My husband has left leg onset and when we got the unofficial diagnosis on May 12th by the neurophysiatrist, the EMG showed the ALS is in his right leg, too, although he has yet to show symptoms. My question is, if the EMG picked it up in his right leg back in May, when would the...
  4. A

    No change

    Hi still dealing with this drop foot issue. Its happen may 30 and I had surgery to decompress my peroneal nerve July 27. Not much has changed I do go to therapy for my foot and for my anxiety and I was doing better but I had a set back when I went to therapy and the put a tens unit on me my big...
  5. A

    New ALS diagnosis

    I was diagnosed on July 25, 2017 with ALS after about one year of foot drop in my right foot that progressed to leg weakness, falls and shortness of breath with minimal exertion and fatigue. I can still drive and walk with an AFO and a cane. I am still working full time but this is getting more...
  6. H

    recently diagnosed with ALS

    Hi, my mom recently (8/2/2017) diagnosed as ALS by neurologist in Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (Jeffrey Fraser, MD) She had a first symptom of weakness on her left ankle and few times of loosing balance on April 2016. Before the symptom, she fell down from the chair while she was wiping...
  7. M


    You are here Home » Blogs » mrs70's blog Slow but relentless progression of PLS Submitted by mrs70 on Fri, 03/10/2017 - 15:26 Hi, I just found this site today and am glad to have found you. I was diagnosed with PLS in 1998. So, I have been living with it a long time. It's been slow, but...
  8. V

    AFO foot drop brace

    The brace I was given ends just before my toes. Because the toes then bend with the shoe, I'm experiencing severe pain in my big toe if I do any amount of walking. Any suggestions? Should the foot portion extend to the end of the shoe? Should I get a different size?
  9. F

    Happy New Year, All!!

    Nope, I didn't stay up to see lighted balls, marshmallow chicks, pickles or sundry other things descend at midnight... By then I was engaged in checking my eyelids for light leaks ... :lol: However, now that I have everything in place for our first Eucharist of 2017, I did want to pop in...
  10. KimT


    Can anyone tell me the first step in getting AFOs. I obviously need them because I keep turning my ankles and one (good leg) is badly sprained. Thanks, Kim