1. Kristina1

    spastic gait, walking on forefoot/toes

    The main reason I use a walker at home, wheelchair out is my spastic gait makes walking very difficult and a huge fall risk. My spasticity is such that I can't put my heels down when I walk, I walk on the front of my feet, almost on my toes, and put my weight on the outer sides of my feet. At...
  2. K

    Howdy, and Here's My Story

    Hello all, I've been combing the forums for a month or so, mostly because I'm not sure how to manoeuvre around here. I've been learning a LOT from forum, so many helpful people, and especially I've been feeling like I'm getting to know some of you, if not by actual name, then by user name...
  3. B

    Advice needed from community. Medical mystery

    Hi all, Above is a link to my story till about May/June 2018. I have no idea what’s wrong with me, so I’m posting here looking for direction. I have seen multiple neurologists about my...
  4. S

    Afo- water

    Do they sell an afo that can go underwater? My husband had difficulty in a pool without his afo. Thanks Sassy
  5. Doglady

    New-ish Diagnosis

    Hi- I’m new here and was diagnosed 4 months ago. My symptoms started a year earlier! Started with falls then foot drop. Also cramps and fasiculations. It was terrible at first but I’m adjusting now. My ALS clinic is great and the local ALS Association couldn’t be more helpful. I’m on Riluzole...
  6. KarenNWendyn

    AFO wear and tear

    This is more of a heads up than a question. I have bilateral AFOs which are Allard toe-off 2.0. They appear to be made of either fiberglass or carbon fiber with the vertical piece welded to the foot plate. I’ve been using them 10-11 months now with great success. I recently noticed...
  7. Nikki J

    What kind of AFO did you/ do you have?

    We have been talking about afos recently and I realized the type you have really matters. A couple of people talked about wearing a hiking boot style shoe with theirs for example which doesn’t work with mine because it has a protruding side piece. I like mine a lot. It is designed to keep my...
  8. S


    My husband just got his first AFO and I was wondering about shoe suggestions. The provider recommended sneakers but would appreciate any feedback anyone can offer. Thanks Sassy
  9. J


    I had an EMG test done in 2016 when I developed foot drop and was tripping and occasionally falling. The neurologist didn’t have any concern at that time. He said I had some arthritis. I saw a neurosurgeon and decided to do surgery for foot drop on my L5 section, discectomy she called it...
  10. F

    i don't understand something

    hello all, as you can read here (a link of my old thread) my mum was diagnosed in Feb 18 with 2nd MND. doctors said that is not possible to see the future but as we see in her clinical history it is...