advance directives

  1. F

    Living alone with ALS

    I'm a 65 year old single male living alone with ALS. I was diagnosed in February of 2016 but the symptoms started a year before that. I'm in an apartment close to two siblings who work but come in to see me often, and I have a good friend nearby who comes by daily. I am wheelchair bound...
  2. momap53

    Advance Directives - Five Wishes Directive

    Becky had asked me about the advance directive called Five Wishes that I used to outline how I want to be treated when I'm nearing the end of life so I thought that others might find this information helpful. Here in the US, each state has different guidelines for this. More information can be...
  3. D

    Did I do right?

    We had a appointment this morning with a gastro. for Dean to discuss getting the peg tube. He agreed to it last week. He has ate very little since 1 Jan. This morning he says, "I want some scrambled egg". I make him a scrambled egg and he eats it all. Then he says "there is no need for the...
  4. Atsugi

    Pluses and minuses as ALS progresses

    Next stage is here already. Bummer. On the other hand…I see some silver linings. Krissy’s final finger has lost its last muscle, so I feed her every bite and hold her straws for every sip. Thank goodness for bent spoons, fat forks and 24-inch long straws. We look like quite a curiosity in...
  5. A

    Hospice on a Vent?

    My Mom has been on a vent for 25yrs. Dad was her Primary Caretaker but is now incapacitated himself in a nursing home and will never be able to take care of her again. She has some LPN care and my sister & I do the rest. We both work & have families and have been running ourselves into the...