1. rick/Wpg

    Winter/slipper/boots that fully open with velcro straps

    This is our solution to keep Rick's feet warm this winter inside and out! A regular closed shoe no longer works as his toes curl under and then you can't straigthen them out in a regular shoe. We don't have to worry about getting them wet as he no longer walks. We just needed something easy and...
  2. K

    power wheelchair and shower chair

    I have a Quantum 6000z power wheelchair that is about 5 months old, however only used 3 months. It has electric hand controls and also the rear joystick for the caregiver to control from the back of the chair. POWER TILTING & RECLINING SEAT & LEGRESTS with an additional rear joystick that is...
  3. M

    Quickie Freestyle powerchair for sale

    Chair only has 20 hours of use. The battery needs to be either charged or replaced. 18" seat, full tilt, adjustable foot rests. Paid $13,000 new, asking $3000 OBO. Located in Bremerton Washington. Email Greg at [email protected]
  4. boblandstar1

    Choosing a power wheelchair

    Choosing a wheelchair is a major decision. Making the right choices is essential in determining your long term happiness with your chair as well as factors like comfort,maneuverability,dependability and long term usefulness. In my experience most prosthetic people are not educated about the...
  5. B

    Please Read About Jack's Legacy!

    I want y'all all to know about the loving care of strangers that live over 800 miles away! This kind lady's young son-in-law passed away recently after a tough battle with Lou Gehrig's Disease. At the same time, her daughter was and is fighting her own battle with cancer. These strangers have...
  6. B

    Free Tempurpedic adjustable bed with massage/Gone now

    We have a Tempurpedic bed in excellent condition it is yours for free, but you will have to pick it up. We are located in Forked River, N.J. Also have a Shower Chair with Back Rest. My Best to all, Beebe
  7. M

    Small Free Things

    As I continue the bittersweet experience of cleaning and going through my mom's things, I've gathered some things that might be of use to some PALS. It's free. I'd prefer to send it all to one place to save on shipping, but if people would like certain things, I'm happy to send it off to...
  8. T

    Advise on a knee brace

    For the past year or so I have gradually be getting pain in my right knee. Both of my knee's snap back when I walk and now the pain in my right knee is unbearable. I saw my orthopedic last week and he ran some tests and said everything looked fine. He gave me a steriod injection in my right...
  9. L

    Electric Wheelchair for sale LIKE NEW

    Electric Wheelchair-Less than 2 hours of use;Pronto MP1; Heavy DutyWith sure step $4000 or best offer - Power based;Adult;Adjustable foot plates;16” x16” seat;lumbar support;easy joystick operation;
  10. P

    For Sale: Bed, shower chair, lift and misc.

    1.Adjustable hospital bed: The hospital bed is a Volcker 3080 bed. Back leg and height are adjustable. Comes with remote control unit, plastic covered mattress, batter power pack. the bed was purchased on 8/11/2006. The bed was used very little, because the patient ended up sleeping in a lift...