1. chally


    Although certainly not a cure my weekly session gives me some serinity and a chance to clear my mind. This journey to the bury hole interesting as it is tends to wear a person out a little R&R of the mind helps recharge all systems. Lov yaall Chally
  2. T

    Acupuncture / Chinese herbal medicine

    Has anyone tried either acupuncture or chinese herbal medicine to alleviate various symptoms? I was talking with a friend who has lung cancer and she said acupuncture was helping her fatigue levels. I've done 3 treatments so far and am not noticing much effect. My guy wants to refer me to...
  3. D


    I'm a 31 year old married man with a 6 month old son. My wife is my caregiver. She is awesome, but tired of this. I have lower motor neuron loss, hands and feet. We are struggling to maintain a normal life. This is the best and worst time of my life. I have the best family and I'm...
  4. chally


    I am about to go in for my first treatment from a very good friend who offered her services if I was interested. Has anyone used acupuncture since dx. I figure it can't hurt! Maybe help my joints and lower back. Maybe even my breathing. I 'll let ya know. Love ya all Chally
  5. R

    Acupuncture and TENS

    Hello, This is my first post. I was recently diagnosed with PLS with right spastic hemiparesis. I take Flexeril and Gabapentin, see a NeuroPT who gives me exercises, swim nearly every day, and have started taking easy yoga classes. I want to do everything I can to get in me the best shape...
  6. P

    mother in denial - tough choices

    My mother is single and I am her only child. She lives in the southwest and I live on the east coast and travel every month or two to Africa for my job, which I love. First, a little bit about me. My job is at a prestigious organization and I just received a promotion, and may soon be offered a...
  7. H

    I need help with few things

    Hi, Today I have started to believe that my mother might have ALS (still in a bit of denial). She has lost the ability to walk as he other leg is also affected now including the ability to easily turn sides. So far, she has problems in lower limbs only (somehow I am just hoping it will stay...
  8. S

    Hand atrophy

    Hi all, I usually post in the PLS section since I've been diagnosed with a pure upper motor neuron disorder, but I wanted to post this here. The disorder I've been diagnosed with, hereditary spastic paraplegia, typically affects mostly the legs and generally does not cause atrophy, a lower...
  9. U

    Symtoms only in left hand since 2 1/2 years - hand surgeon suspects MND

    Dear Forum members, I read the sticky and searched a lot in the internet, still I am not sure if I can exclude I have MND. That's my story. My symptoms started in the left hand around 2 1/2 years ago. First some uncontrollable muscle movement and then 6 month later the atrophy was visible. I...
  10. E

    Father struggling to cope

    Hi everyone, It's been a couple of months since I have last posted and it's been a very tough few months since my Dad was diagnosed. He has now started to become very weak and his speech is very slurred and has fell 3 times now in recent weeks which luckily haven't been serious and hasn't...