1. canmark

    End of life decisions

    Last fall, the CBC did a very interesting series on people making end-of-life decisions. It was called Last Right. Recently, this was in the news in Canada: Lawyers want Supreme Court to view man’s dying plea for assisted suicide law
  2. E

    "Praying only is not going to solve the ALS problem"

    "Praying only is not going to solve the ALS problem. We need to make ourselves heard by the Pharmaceutical industry, the Government, etc., or we are never going to see an effective treatment for this disease, even when not for us, but for the new generations of PALS who are being diagnosed...
  3. C

    I lost my father to this disease

    Hi my name is Carl Radford. For me this has been a long time coming. I was 9 I believe when my father was diagnosed with ALS. At first I did not understand what was going on. I noticed though that for about 4 months before he was diagnosed he had lost the ability to really move his head very...
  4. A

    Link to ALS/Iplex activism forum

    At this risk of being booted, I am posting this here for you guys to see. You may have noted, I have been spotty in my attendance on this forum. As Jim's progression has gone on, I have become more interested in the role of advocacy, and preserving his function by whatever means possible. As...