1. mbg1977

    H.P. Acthar

    anyone have experience with H.P. Acthar ? does it work in some way ?
  2. E

    Update on Acthar Gel Study
  3. E

    Acthar Gel Trial

    My PALS is currently three months in to the Acthar Gel clinical trial. I know there was some people asking about it earlier, I wanted to post in case anyone had questions. I don't feel like it is reversing anything, but it has really helped her stamina and appetite.
  4. A

    Is anyone a participant in the Acthar gel injection trial?

    Is anyone participating in the Acthar gel injection trial?
  5. E

    So far so good on the Mayo Clinic Acthar dose trial

    My husband is taking his daily injections of Acthar since early November, no side effects so far. It's too soon to tell if this drug is helping, but all his muscles remain strong (except his tongue), and his breathing is good (FVC 80%)! He will be coming up to his two year anniversary of...
  6. E

    Acthar drug dosage trial

    I also wrote under the Acthar thread but wanted to share with everyone our modest excitement over Tom starting the Acthar drug dosage trial yesterday. It was an extremely long and fatiguing day of tests and questionnaires, but Tom was a trouper and I had the honor of administering his first...
  7. C


    Does anybody know about Acthar? Has anybody been administered it? I am considering being a part of the phase 2 trail, there is little information available on this drug and ALS. thanks, col
  8. lgelb

    Acthar update

    Questcor expects to file an IND and initiate a proof-of-concept trial of Acthar for ALS in the first half of 2013.