1. lgelb

    Airline wheelchair handling/airport accommodations

    The long-awaited mandatory reporting requirement has kicked in, thanks to Senator Duckworth. So if you experience any issues with airline wheelchair handling, please make a report, which will drive potential funding to reduce such incidents. Note that there is a separate complaint category for...
  2. retiredmus2010

    Help needed: Home Health Attendant

    Hello everyone, Each day in this experience with ALS brings me to a new learning curve. Today, I am in need of sage advice from all of you who have gone before me. We are in the need of a home health attendant. This would be a two-fold accommodation. My husband needs the care and I need the...
  3. arkallen

    Not Fair!

    Proper snow began falling in the mountains well before we reached home. Within hours of our departure the paltry dozen snowflakes we saw fall must have become twelve million, and then twelve billion; and most of this week’s evening news bulletins have closed with tantalizing footage of great...
  4. Chameleon

    Speech of hope - Quality of Life - Who’s the Judge?

    Quality of Life Who’s the Judge? By Sam Filer (The National Access Awareness Week (NAAW) Kick-Off on May 29 saw the Metro Toronto Convention Centre teeming with activity. One of the most memorable events that day was a speech given by Justice Sam Filer, presented with the assistance of his...
  5. L

    MP3 player

    Dad has decided he wants to move from a CD player to an MP3 player! I own an iPod, but I fear that the decreased motor skills in his hands coupled with (1) the dexterity needed to select music and (2) the tiny earbuds would frustrate him. Does anyone have experience with an MP3 player that is...
  6. D

    Accessible holiday accommodation

    My husband Peter was diagnosed with ALS in November 2006. As his disease has progressed, he has lost the ability to use his arms and is now confined to a wheelchair. In the past we have travelled around New Zealand (our country) on holiday and have struggled to find holiday accommodation which...