accessible van

  1. D

    Van features that you have found helpful?

    We are looking for an accessible van. What specific features in a van should we be looking for to make things easier, or what have you found helpful? Passenger seat that we can transfer into? Manual or power ramps? Is side or rear entry better? We also need to have a row of seats for our kids.
  2. N

    Insurance for Spouse

    Good Morning, Giving this a try. A little background for my dad: He was diagnosed early months of 2017, receives Social Security Disability. Medicare A and B, recently enrolled into Supplemental Insurance as well. My mother depended completely on his income when he did work. My dad can no...
  3. Bestfriends14

    From one leg to the next?

    Hello all, My husband has left leg onset and when we got the unofficial diagnosis on May 12th by the neurophysiatrist, the EMG showed the ALS is in his right leg, too, although he has yet to show symptoms. My question is, if the EMG picked it up in his right leg back in May, when would the...
  4. J

    BraunAbility 2009 Chrysler Town & Country accessible van

    2009 Chrysler Town & Country powerchair accessible van 77,636 Miles Braunability side load conversion Sold & serviced by Superior Mobility Driver & passenger seats are removable for wheelchair/ powerchair access Van runs & drives excellent Recently serviced at local Chrysler dealer All power...
  5. J

    Medical Equipment, Supplies and Speech Communication Device (FRS Comlink) For Sale

    My wife recently passed away from Spinocerebellar Ataxia 8 and we have many medical supplies, equipment and an FRS Speech Generating Device available for sale. Items include: Hospital bed, rotating with air mattress: Invicare Microair 90 Wheelchair accessible van: Dodge Caravan 2002 2 Oxygen...
  6. T

    Side or rear entry vehicles

    Well its time to get a wheelchai accessible van.. Just wondering what others have putchased, rear or side entry and what you like about yours? I understand the rear entry are cheaper but im not sure i want to sit in the back seat, but maybe its not that bad?! Any info would be appreciated
  7. starente15

    VA Benefits Questions

    Hi everyone! Just returned from 10 day visit with my parents. I had a few questions on VA benefits that came up today and can't find anything on the sticky or web. Wondering if anyone knows... My mother said she is entitled to free additional insurance through the VA which doesn't affect the...
  8. R

    Use it or lose it?

    Sorry I stole that from someone else's post but I couldn't think of a better description of what I wanted to ask. I was diagnosed in January 2014. I quit working in July. Once I quit working, I start spending more more time at home either sitting in the chair or laying down in bed using my iPad...
  9. D

    Power Wheelchair

    So the cervical fusion last week made no impact on my husband's neurological issues. It did however, enable him to be transferred to an inpatient rehab facility. He is on the "ALS" therapist team. They admitted that they have not ever had anyone with PLS before, so they have been doing their...
  10. E

    Power wheel chair and accessible van - inevitable?

    Hello fellow PALS, I need some advice based on your experience. I am using a walker at home with great difficulty and never without a spotter. I use a manual wheelchair when I go out and get pushed as arms/hands too weak to self-propell. Getting in/out of SUV is an ordeal. I am thinking if...