1. J

    Voice Access App for Android

    I came across an blog post about the Voice Access app for Android. I downloaded it and tried it out on my Samsung tablet. It's very easy to use and would really help PALS who cannot use their hands, but still can use their voice (like my DH). I'd add the link, but I know that can sometimes...
  2. B

    Bathroom shower design help - please!

    Cannot afford construction costs to slope bathroom shower floor for roll-in accessibility . What have you done to be able to roll-in without dropping floor? Can just afford to do this once, so must get it right the first time. Thank you ever so much!! B. May you find something beautiful...
  3. S

    Slow progresser (long post)

    Hello to everyone, this is my first post, after spending a lot of time browsing the forums. It seems like a very supportive place. I've noticed in these groups as well as in the local ALSA support group we go to, that some people are dealing with the stress and demands of a fairly rapid...
  4. JimInVA

    Controlling The Television

    Our TV setup is somewhat complicated. We have Cable TV (Verizon FIOS) which feeds into Verizon's Cable Control Box. That feed is then routed to the Onkyo Audio Receiver (which allows me control of various other sources... ROKU, BlueRay, Bluetooth, etc.). I have the Universal Remote Control...
  5. wishmobbing

    Switch control communication software

    Quite honestly, I'm trying for days now to make proper use of the search function here but I don't find the concentration to follow through with it. My PALS speech is going quickly and things with health insurance are going slow. Time for improv. We have an old iPad and found out roughly how to...
  6. S

    Tablet recommendations?

    Hi there, looking for advice for tablet for my mom who has ALS. She has some use of both hands (more on the left) but can't seem to grade the force required to select something on the iPad screen (e.g. If a search throws up lots of items): she can move her hand slowly to where she wants but then...
  7. Buckhorn

    Power wheelchair "tie down" systems?

    We have found a nice, reasonably priced, used van that is going out to be converted for rear-entry wheelchair accessibility. They normally use the "QRT Standard Q-straint", which appears to be a basic Q-straint system. I am thinking I should at least upgrade to the Q-straint MAX or deluxe...
  8. gooseberry

    2010 Chrysler, 31916 miles

    This item is for sale in Wesley Chapel, FL. Here is the info: 2010 Chrysler Town and Country Limited Fleet $25,999 For Sale By Owner Vehicle Location Wesley Chapel, FL About 10 miles from you Contact Seller By Phone (954) 258-8532 14 Pictures Available Email Seller...
  9. S


    Hello, I'm curious if anyone has experience with Autonome ECU from Accessibility Services? Dad is a veteran, and is in need of an ECU, and have just started down the path of autonome from Accessibility Services. Any tips or insight? Thanks
  10. DaChief

    House Hunting Tips

    We will be shopping for a house in the next couple of months. Is there a guide anywhere that spells out things to be aware of to make accessibility modifications easier or red flags to be aware of? I have learned a lot reading already but I am sure I am missing some things. Regards, Bruce