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    Communication Devices (AAC) - Help

    Does anyone have recommendations for Communication/AAC devices for ALS patients? My Mom has ALS and I'm starting to look into them now. Do you know if Medicare covers the device your recommending? I just want to make sure that we prepare now so my Mom has what's needed down the road. Thanks...
  2. R

    When Things Progress-How do you communicate?

    My wife and I were discussing this subject last night. We do not know how we will handle this if the road takes us to this point. Here is the concern. I can no longer speak. My right arm and leg are very weak. What if down the road I loose 100% use of both of my arms/hands. Lets say I am in...
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    ALS/PBP and Communication

    Hi all! I am a Speech-Language Pathologist working with two patient's that have ALS (both Bulbar onset/PBP). I need your thoughts on a statement that a hospice employee said to me. Any comments welcome! :) She said "Most patient's don't want to live past the point where they are no longer...