1. lgelb

    iOS and Switches

    Since iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) have come up here before, here is some good news for AAC users from the RJ Cooper site: reportedly Proloquo To Go will be updated to a switch-accessible version in the next couple of months.
  2. M

    Tobii C12 Speech Device with CDot Tracker

    This communication computer was purchase January of this year. It has only been used several time times for demonstration and training. This fully-featured AAC device gives unlimited communication opportunities. Users can communicate via text or symbols that generate synthesised or digitised...
  3. B

    Looking for ECO AAC device

    Hi, I am looking for an ECO aac device for a student. Thank you! [email protected]
  4. S

    Dynavox Series 5 VMax + with complete EyeMax (eye gaze) System, Phone, Keyboard, etc.

    Hello, my name is Amy and my mother recently passed away from ALS. I have never posted on this site before but have read so many of your stories over the past 2+ years. You have all be a source of help, healing, hope and comfort to me and for that I thank you all. My mother bought a Dynavox...
  5. S

    Trade Dynavox Eyemax

    I have a like new Dynavox Eyemax System including rolling stand and an infrared phone system. The Dynavox was purchased in 2010 and has very little use. It is highly configurable for all age groups and conditions and the most widely sold AAC device. I am looking to trade for a Tobii C12. Please...
  6. rcharlton

    Hands-free AAC on the go?

    So my speech is shot. I'm looking at a way to communicate when I'm out in public. I'm still walking and I am pretty handy with my feet. I need a portable device that I can operate with my feet. I was thinking of strapping a 5" or 7" tablet to my left leg and typing with my right foot -...
  7. arkallen


    I am the most fortunate of men! Once more I stood at the altar as my daughter, transfigured in white, elegant, dazzling, walked down the aisle. A wedding! Nothing in life speaks so profoundly. Nothing embodies so completely the mysteries of promise, hope, destiny and choice. I love...
  8. rcharlton

    Ipads: lousy choice for PALS

    A lot of members (including myself) seemed to be getting sucked in by all the hype surrounding Ipads and shelling out for this trendy device. The Ipad is actually a terrible choice for PALS. Apple designed the Ipad to be a touch screen device. It is a sad reality that sooner or later most...
  9. I

    Gently used MiniMerc AAC device for sale

    Like new - only used 2 times. MiniMerc is ideal for users wanting a compact integrated computer and AAC device. Weighs only 3.5 pounds. MiniMerc device with Windows XP Home Edition Functionally Speaking board set. USB keyboard and mouse On-Screen keyboard External CD/RW drive Backpack...
  10. TithensGuardian

    Dynavox Vmax

    Hi Everyone (I hope this is the right section for posting this David? Please move to the right section if it isn't, thank you) My partner has multiple disabilities, is non verbal, uses AAC to communicate and is diagnosed with Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder - He also suffers with multiple...