31 yr old

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    Just some opinions please

    Here goes, Hello I'm a 31 yr old female who is in a bit of a state and hoping someone can help me to see if I'm going over the top. Past medical history of leukaemia and an anxious person always have been always will be. Anyhow end of July I began to feel like it was hard to speak like my...
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    Concerned about ALS

    Hi everyone, I'm concerned I have als and I know you can't diagnos me but I wanted to know if it sounds like anything you guys might have experienced or seen. Backstory; I'm a 31 yr old female I have been disabled from the age of 13 months due to a blood clot on my spine from mid chest down...
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    Hi All, I really appreciate all your time and comments. I have mentioned my symptoms below, please forgive my English, as I am not good at it. I am 31 yr old male. 1. Upper back pain and neck pain started around June 2015 with numbness in right hand little finger and right leg little finger...
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    HELP? Do I have it?

    I'm a 31 yr old female and have been experiencing troubling symptoms. I had a shingles outbreak in early April around that time I noticed a tingling in my lower back. It went away as did the shingles and I didn't think anything else about it. I have lost around 25 pounds over 9 9 months or so. A...
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    Newbie : Als symptoms?

    Hello , My name is Mark I am a 31 yr old with 2 lovely daughter ages 6 and 3 and my 3rd baby is on the way.. The story is I went to my doctor last march just to have a physical exam after a week they called me that i have vitamin D defieciency so i started taking 2000 iu of vitamin D , on the...
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    Tried to burn our house down

    Eddie's 26 yr old son and his 31 yr old daughter in law, were causing a lot of problems, they were supposed to be up here helping to take care of Eddie and giving me a break. Stuff kept disappearing. So finaly I called them on the items that had disappeared. They decided they should leave on...
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    31 yr old, could this be bulbar?- update

    Thank-You everyone for the replies over the last few weeks. I had an EMG today, it came out normal. It took about and hour, the person who did it is a nerologist with at least 10 years expericence. He did it on my right hand front and back of thumb area, my tricep, my bicep, my neck (left...
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    Maybe ALS? Please Help- Need Advice and Awnsers

    Hello- First, thank you for taking the time to read this and offer me some advice. I am currently confused and very worried about my health:confused: Here is the current situation- I am a 31 yr old male, in great shape, dont smoke or drink. 2 months ago i started having the following issues...