18 years old

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    Fear having als please help

    I am 18 years old I always had in my life the fear of having als. In the past 2 months I started feeling weak in my hands and legs and then i started having difficulty eating.(needed a lot more strength to eat) I went to a doctor a patholog.. He said I had a fever and that the weakness was...
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    Worried about having ALS! Help appreciated!

    Hey, im an 18 years old boy, who has been having for about a month painless muscle fasciculations pretty much all over my body especially on my arms and legs, and i've been worried sick this could be an early symptom of ALS. I've already been to the GP, and he told me it is very unlikely i would...
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    18 years old.

    Hi, everyone, before I say anything, let me say that I’m a REALLY anxious person. I have really bad social anxiety, health anxiety, basically any form of anxiety. About 8 months ago, I ended up getting this bad pain that basically started at my lower back, that migrated to my left arm, to the...
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    Respiratory onset?

    Hello, I am 18 years old from India. My symptom is breathing problem. When I lie down I don't inhale properly, like shallow breathing because of this I can't fall asleep. I feel anxious. Sometimes I feel my head isn't getting blood. My lungs feel weak, I run out of breath while talking easily. I...
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    Back again, update on concerns, happenings, and seeking help.

    Hello everybody, Last time I posted, I was concerned about possible bulbar als and told that my symptoms did not sound like ALS and to come back after I have seen my neurologist. Well my neurologist happens to be part of my family and I have recently spoken with her. Although it make me happy...
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    Could this be anything else than ALS?

    Hi I am 18 years old High school student. It is Like 3 months when my first symptoms has begun. I had a significant weakness all around my body after a flu. I could do everything but it was just hard to do and I was very slow.( I know that this type of weakness has nothing to do with als but I...
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    Help! 18 years old terrified of ALS

    Hello. I am an 18 year old and am scared that I might have ALS. I've been experiencing twitches in my body for 2 months now that came with shaky legs. This got better, and the twitches continue, but i discarded them as benign because they stop when I move, etc. I went to a neuro who did regular...
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    Very Concerned, do I have it?

    Hi, I am 18 years old and have been experiencing symptoms since may 4th 2017. It started out in class when one of my classmates pointed out that my fingers were in tremors. After this I started to have muscle spasms and jerks all over my body, my jaw also has been jittering. Since this time I...
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    New member

    Hi everyone. I am 18 years old and was diagnosed with ALS last January 2017. I joined this forum cause I know that it will help me a lot. :)
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    Is it ALS please help im scared

    Hi im currently 18 years old.im am Asian. Recently i have twitching in my toes and my legs feel weird. And i would like to ask how does weakness in the feet feels like and does ALS start from the toes? PS. Been going through Health Anxiety