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    Alternative wheelchair drive controls

    I actually alternate between the two. I like the Independence Drive because it is so much easier physically. However , as with all eye gaze , there is still the issue of use in sun. If they ever solve that problem , it would be great.
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    Alternative wheelchair drive controls

    Hello everyone. I have chin control on my chair. You can have it set up with a mount rather than the neck harness. It is just an arm that attaches to the headrest. I also have the Independence Drive. It does only control the drive portion of the chair. So I use it in conjunction with chin control.
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    Talk to Me Technologies

    They are a legitimate company with a great product. I am currently using their Zuvo 12 device. They use Grid 3 software and the device is a Microsoft Surface. The VA issues them , so that should tell you that they are reputable. I can answer specific questions if you have any.
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    Microsoft Surface Pro

    Thanks. Fortunately , mine came with an external battery. I wish they would make something to plug into the chair.
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    Microsoft Surface Pro

    Anyone using a Surface as a communication device found a way to power it via your wheelchair? I have USB ports on my chair but can't find a power cord for it.
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    Second Wheelchair for traveling

    If you are getting SSDI you should be getting Medicare. I get it and I am 44. As for the chair , I had no luck with the VA. I didn't think to go through Medicare. That might work.
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    Precision Medicine Program?

    I participated for almost four years. I recently opted out of the study. It really is not a burden to keep up with. Just answering questionnaires occasionally and wearing sensors for one week a month. As said above , there is not really any personal benefit but I try to participate in as many...
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    Veteran Directed Care

    I sent you an email.
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    Shoot me your email and I will fill you in on details about VDC. I just don't want to put it out...

    Shoot me your email and I will fill you in on details about VDC. I just don't want to put it out there. (email removed, sent via pm)
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    Veteran Directed Care

    It all depends. They do an assessment to determine the veteran's needs. Then they work through a local agency to oversee everything.