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  1. BarryG


    Dear friends going to hospital today. Not sure for how long but keep up the fight.
  2. BarryG

    Barry's Queennsland Adventure

    Hi dear friends, as some of you may have noticed I haven't posted much lately or responded to messages. I am sorry but it's just too hard. Here is something a friend did for me Barry?s Queensland Adventure Love to you all Barry
  3. BarryG

    Season of the Twitch

    Hallo all you wonderful people's. My name is Boris, I'm 21 and I live in lower Krackpotia where the only neurologist is my uncle Wictor who is a three hour dog cart trip up into the mountains. My problem is non stop twitching in my male member. Also there intermittent swelling and atrophy...
  4. BarryG

    Our very own Kelly

    A very nice article, love you Kelly! Meet Kelly Ragan | MDA Salutes Caregivers
  5. BarryG

    Bulbarian mouth and throat cleaning

    Hello all, a while back I promised to detail my mouth and throat clearing procedure that has allowed me to avoid a trache that would otherwise be required to avoid choking on goo. So here it is: Supplies required (warning brand names listed, reader discretion advised) Waterpik water flosser...
  6. BarryG


    Well ok, not really boobs but as a man I find this hard to say so here goes. I have sore nipples, not swollen and no discharge but just really sore. I asked my neuro today and she thought that maybe an endocrine change, I'm going to ask my GP if I can ever get to see him. Wondering if anyone...
  7. BarryG

    Buzzard Status

    Hello to all my friends, just wanted to take the occasion of my 4000 th post to celebrate some anniversaries. It's been almost three years since I joined this forum (Nov18 ) and it's been two years since I last ate solid food and a year since I started a throat clearing regime designed to keep...
  8. BarryG

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. I'm thankful to still be here!
  9. BarryG


    Hi everyone, just saw on Facebook that Karen Paskett passed away in August. She hadn't been on the forum much but I did enjoy talking to her and we had a few nice chats. RIP dear Karen
  10. BarryG

    Life is just too easy

    I guess I should probably not be on Facebook anymore because I am having a really hard time dealing with with the so inane and absolutely inconsequential status updates that people post. Things like "I'm so hungry, what will I have for dinner?" or "I should have another cup of coffee" or "My...