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    ALS and Nemaline Rod Myopathy

    Dear All, My son, aged, 12, has mild Nemaline Rod Myopathy and my mother recently last month from ALS. My uncle has inclusion body myostatis. I am wondering whether anyone else has these diseases in their family. It seems so freaky that we have these three diseases. We are going to begin...
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    Mom now at peace

    I lost my mother last month. She also died at home peacefully and I find this a comfort. I am sure you did everything you could for her and that she knew how much you loved her. I wish you well. Joanna
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    Thank You

    I wanted to thank you all for your kind messages when I posted a couple of weeks ago that my mother died. It was so lovely of you all to write to me. All good wishes to you all, Joanna
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    My mother passed away

    My mother, Diana, only posted twice in this forum. I just read her entries, asking for help and wishing everybody well. After that, she couldn't type any more and everything got very hard for her. She was diagnosed in March 2011 and died three weeks ago, at home, surrounded by the constant...