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    We just did this, wasn't hard and since my husband is now total care some of the questions didn't really apply. Ours took about an hour but she did say it went faster because of his care level.
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    Regular Medicare vs Advantage.

    My husband is a veteran so we get his equipment through the VA but for his medicare most medical people have told us to get regular medicare.
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    Heuer lifting vented PALS

    Good Morning, First off my Pals has a feeding tube and a supra pubic catheter, so the catheter takes care of the peeing issue. Our morning routine is too feed him in breakfast in bed, then I put him in a split leg sling and raise him up over the bed and put a pan under him for a BM. The...
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    Heuer lifting vented PALS

    I do it. I unplug the vent and put it on my shoulder. Usually from bed to power chair or shower chair. We have two vents, I keep one attached to his power chair and switch him from on to the other as needed. We do at least two transfers a day, on shower days more.
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    How to Gain Weight

    While my husband was still eating gave him high calorie smoothies.
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    pALS in a swimming pool

    My husband is trach and vented and with his physical and nurse we get him in some. Carefully!
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    #EveryCommunity map

    Filled it out.
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    Is it me or is it my Tobii?

    Not sure how to explain it but it kind of bounces around a lot, we have the nueronode now and it uses a different elegize system and works much better for him.
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    Is it me or is it my Tobii?

    The dot to pick the letters moves a lot so it's hard for him to choose the right letter.
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    In Hospital, What An Experience...

    Hi, we are in Chandler also. My husband is completely non verbal but people act like he can't understand thing also.