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    Diagnosed with Benign MND

    Have you been tested for neuromyotonia (aka Isaac's Syndrome)? If not I think you should. You can read more about it here: Neuromyotonia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is what I have. At first they made a diagnosis of mnd but later they discovered it was Isaac's Syndrome.
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    Diagnosis changed

    Hello everyone. Thanks for the messages. As for oxcarbamazepine unfortunately it is not effective in ALS. Bliz, I think they changed the diagnosis because the first neurologist wasn't specialist in this kind of diseases and the second was. If you look in google for "isaac's syndrome als...
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    Diagnosis changed

    Hi. I had a high auto-antibodies count in my blood plus the emg findings (fasciculations and others spontaneous activities). I started the treatment with carbamazepine but I had allergy so they changed to oxcarbamazepine. The tests findings and the fact that this medicine reduced my symptoms was...
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    Diagnosis changed

    I tried to post this in my previous thread about my diagnosis but that thread is closed. I tried to change my profile but I cannot access my information anymore. After some months of reevaluation my diagnosis was changed for a disease called Isaac's Syndrome. More information can be found here...
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    ALS Can Be Beat

    Well, I don't know if it is false hope trying to do things that can (or appears to) slow down the disease. All I know is that we need hope. For some people this hope is the company from people around them, their family and friends. For others is the possibility of continue a "normal" life doing...
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    ALS Can Be Beat

    I was banned too. I'm not a scammer. I just posted some links about research being done, a video about a girl who was healed by faith (under a topic which was supposed to have this kind of thing since the author asked if anybody was healed) and a link about an herb that can (I said can, not that...
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    Hello people I'm 16 and im really scared

    In your age it is unlikely. I think you should visit Nextination Design and try to relax. With your mother and brother issues this can be stress triggered. If things got worse go and see a neurologist.
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    You Can Fight This Thing

    I hope you continue improving... What kind of diet changes and/or supplements do you get for mercury poisoning?
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    Hello everyone. I would like to share something I've been doing om my own. Although I don't have a definitive diagnosis, I'm suffering from neurological symptoms like cramps, muscle spasms, hiperreflexia and other things. I read on this forum and in another places that marijuana is good for this...
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    New Research Please Read!

    I don't know yet, but I think people that have more knowledge than me will figure it out soon... I think it's worth following this thread from another forum: Newly discovered biomarker for Lou Gehrig's disease could lead to new therapy - ALS Research & Treatments - ALS Forums | ALS TDI - ALS...