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    Doctor ordered 2nd EMG after 2 years of symptoms??

    Hi everyone, I have been having fasciculations throughout my body (mostly in my calves and hands) since Jan 2016. I did a EMG in 2016 and the doctor said it was benign fasciculation syndrome. Now to 2018, I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease (gluten) and have been experiencing more...
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    Tongue Twitching Is this Anxiety?

    Hi, I was diagnosed with BFS 2 years ago now. I have continued to have twitching all over my body.. mostly in my calves. I was told by doctors that it was probably caused by anxiety. I tend to be a worrier about it and lately have had some feeling of small twitches in my tongue. I also feel...
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    Very Concerned and Need Advice

    Hi, I am a 30 year old man (husband and father of two kids) and have been having fasciculations all over my body all day and night. They first started about 5 weeks ago in my legs/calves but also sporadically happen all over the rest of my body (arms, hands, feet, face, eye lids, face, back...