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    Just so sad

    We miss our mom so much and coming to this site makes it feel some better. We lost her October 19,2016. Jennie Collins. I come here daily to seek siimalarities and answers and comfort. Thank you.
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    Hello, I first posted back in November when my Mother in Law was diagnosed with PBP. It is with great sorrow I report that she passed away today. I didn't post much on here. I'm not that computer savy and kind of old school but I wanted to let you all know I did read this site daily. And I...
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    My mother in law newly diagnosed.

    My dear Mother In Law, grandmother,great grandmother,wife and mother to all of us who love her was diagnosed with PBP the day before Thanksgiving. Our family is reeling with pain and disbelief. Finding this place was a God send! My Mother In Law is 80 biologicly but works like a 60 year old...