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    question about possible foot drop

    I am back in a panic. For the second time in a little over a month I was walking down the hallway at work (completely flat surface) and I scrubbed the toe of my shoe on the carpet. Could this be the beginning of foot drop? Completely freaking out here. Does anyone know what the signs are for the...
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    question about atrophy

    I am noticing what could be atrophy on my left hand in the muscle between my thumb and index finger. The indention is a lot larger than the one on my right hand. I have more what feels like loose skin there as well. And when I lay my hands flat the muscle is larger on my right hand. Could this...
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    first time poster here. i have been reading through these for forums for the last few days hoping to find some answers but have not come across anything that points to me. lost my mother a few months to ago in a car accident. less than a month letter had pain in my shoulder blade. looked on the...
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    new poster here. been reading through the threads for the past couple of days looking for answers to some of my concerns. i will be quick, my mom was killed suddenly in a car accident a couple of months ago. a few weeks later i developed a pain in my shoulder blade. did what i never should have...