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    Poping and Cracking joints

    Does anyone with ALS notice that their joints pop and crack a lot more than they did before the onset of the disease? Conrad
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    For Those Who Can Still Walk

    I haven't been diagnosed yet, but when I walk, my legs feel like they weigh 200 pounds. Does anyone that has ALS, and can still walk, have the same heavy and stiff feeling in their legs? Conrad
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    How Long to get a DX

    It has been 11 months since my first symptoms started. Most experts in the field of ALS, say that it takes about 1 year to get a diagnosed of ALS, from the time of your first symptoms. I'm interested in hearing from people that have ALS, how long did it take you to get a positive diagnosed of...
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    ALS Site

    Here is the best ALS site that I have found. It gets technical, but for scientific data on ALS, it is the best I have seen. Conrad
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    Clean EMG

    Has anyone ever had two clean EMG's, and then got another one that showed you had ALS? Also, I am having great difficulty walking (I fell to the floor twice, the last time was yesterday), but my arm strength is still not too bad. Is it upper neuron damage when your legs are stronger than your...
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    Got a DX

    I saw my Neurologist on Thursday, and I had NVC and EMG tests, the last time he did those tests was 4 months ago. They came out normal (which really surprised me), but my blood work came back with a high reading of GAD-56 AutoAntibody. The normal range is 0.0-1.5 U/mL, but mine was 10.3U/mL. The...
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    Strongest Person I Know

    There are a lot of great people on this forum, but the person that I respect, amazed by his strength and that he can still enjoy life with this terrible disease, is Mike, or Quadbliss. I don't know how you can be so positive. I can still eat, walk, and talk (but not too well), and I feel like I...
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    Tomorrow is the Big Day

    I am going to see a new Neurologist tomorrow, and hope that he can give me a diagnosis. I'm totally exhausted seeing all these doctors and Neurologists, and never getting a diagnosed. Right now my voice is very weak, my tongue is twitching like crazy, and no matter how much I drink, my mouth is...
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    I hope someone can help me. I am getting bad cramping in my back, and in my buttocks, where I lost a lot of muscle mass. If I sit down for more than about hour, my butt really hurts. Has anyone found a cushion or anything else that would help? Both get better if I stand, but I am not able to do...
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    Beard is Thicker

    Any guys out there, have you noticed that your beard hair has got thicker, and harder to shave? I only needed to shave once a day before, but now I have to shave twice a day. Somehow I think it is related to my scalp and hair loss problems. Conrad