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    Huntington's Disease Deciphered...

    University of Illinois at Chicago Huntington's disease deciphered Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine have discovered how the mutated huntingtin gene acts on the nervous system to create the devastation of Huntington's disease. The report of their findings...
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    can massive amounts of stress speed up the progression of MND? Has this been shown? Curious.
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    ALS Functional Rating Scale

    how accurate is this scale as a way of looking at progression? my son filled this out and he scores a 32, has been experiencing symptoms now (progessive) for roughly a year. I know that the progession can slow, speed up, plateau etc. But how accurate in general? thanks.
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    Curious To Know

    Why is it that certain people have a slow progression with ALS? Have any studies gone into this and came up with any clues ?There are so many unanswered questions related to this disease, it's baffling. Couldn't they find some sort of connection between the people who live longer with the...
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    Caring Mom Needs Help...

    My son is 24 & has been experiencing problems which could point to ALS (among many other things) - these include weak leg with twitches, cramps - resulting in a smaller calf, cramped toes - and now he has twitches in the other leg, at the calf... he keeps going on about his mattress. he had a...