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    Should I feel guilty for wanting dad to be in a good home?

    We are procrastinating on what to do, too. Meanwhile my mom who was using a rollator was home alone, balancing against a sink to do her hair and fell, twisting her leg and breaking it in two places. She than had to crawl to the rollator to get the cell phone to call for help. Thirty days later...
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    home health needs

    I don't know who you would need to talk to (lawyer), but a family I know got divorced so that she would qualify for medicare. I don't know if they list the same address or her husband "lives" with a family member. There is an agency called "Passport" that might help. Not sure of information
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    What do others do?

    We have received help with donated used equipment from the PT department at our local hospital (small town). We received a chair that rides up and down stairs, but luckily my mechanic husband can repair. It goes to a landing with more steps, which now my mom cannot manuveor. So she hand bathes...
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    For Caregivers w/children

    I am thinking that caregivers with small children are too busy to reply - or even read emails. We have another ALS family in our town and she has toddler twins and a kindergarten boy to manage along with a husband on breathing assisantance, feeding tube and total limb onset...
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    Caregivers only... You and your PALS

    Thank you for allowing me to vent. I just tell my husband I am a selfish mean person. It is my mother that has limb onset ALS. I am just exhausted. I am working full time and she and my father are trying to ignore things. This means she is injuring herself all the time. At this point I have...
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    Michigan ALS Clinics?

    We are very happy with the ALS Clinic in at Cleveland Clinic. There is someone else in our town (midway between Toledo and Cleveland) who goes to an ALS Clinic at University Hospital in Cleveland and participates in studies. Wish I could help more.
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    what to expect at a als clinic

    Also, tell whoever goes with you to bring books, etc. Maybe bottled water. I had to wait during several tests with my mom (emg) and it is a long day in an unfamiliar place.
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    Cleveland Clinic Als Clinic

    Report on our ALS clinic appointment at Cleveland Clinic. I am not sure how much information my mom had before we went, but I really didn't know what to expect. I thought I would share so that others who are waiting for an appointment would know what to expect. My mom (74) was diagnosed at the...
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    Elecrric Scooter

    My mom had the same question and asked her PT at Cleveland Clinic. He said a definite no on the 3 wheel - requires too much balance for an ALS patient. Also recommended no on the four wheeled - save your money for the power chair. Medicare only covers one chair! So we just spend $179 on a...
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    lift recliner chair

    My mom is who is dragging right foot.leg and starting to drag left is thinking she needs a lift/recliner type chair. Do you think this will help her get to walker? She is using a walker with a seat to walk around at this point. $400 plus - is this a good purchase or save money for something else?