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  1. Jamiet

    My friend from ALS Assn Sent me this...Read it, sounds good

    Research Update from The ALS Association’s National Office December 9, 2008 ALS Association Co-Funds Study Showing Boosting the Body’s Detoxifying System Counteracts Nerve Cell Loss in ALS Mice; New Therapies Suggested In a study that demonstrates a much-anticipated proof of principle...
  2. Jamiet

    Neuro Appointment Tomorrow, 9:30 Cst

    Hey yall, just wanted to get everybody a little nervous...i have my first neuro appointment in over 8 months, tomorrow, Wed, 20th at 9:30, CST. I am not nervous for some reason, i am not scared. I don't care at this point if it's bad or good, i'm living with whatever i got. MY attitude is...
  3. Jamiet

    Jerry Kaufman

    Jerry, AKA Stem Cell Man passed away. Well, he was fighting for a cure, i'm sorry to see this.
  4. Jamiet

    Leslie, your PM box is full?

    hey les, i tried to PM you, your box is full?
  5. Jamiet

    Sandy Loam, how are you

    Sandy, i have not heard from you, how are you. Give us an update...
  6. Jamiet

    Sandy Loam...I cannot PM you

    Sandy, I got your PM. I cannot PM you. I did not rec your message the other day, sorry, are a great person, my ears are always open and i am rarely offended, even when my wife slaps me around a little.....:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: BTW...she's mad at me now, so i'll...
  7. Jamiet

    New ALS Clinic

    Just an FYI for all that are close to me here in Lafayette, Louisiana. The wonderful ladies and my friend with the ALS assn here have finally succeeded in getting the major hospital to open an ALS Clinic here. It will be one day per month to start, but they will see all ALS patients in our...
  8. Jamiet

    Questions about ALS effects

    I have a few questions about what ALS does to your body: 1) On your fingers, everyone says it "curls" them in. Does it make your fingers "crooked", like go to the left or right at the knuckle or the last joint befoe the tip, or does it curl them under, like a claw? How do you know if they...
  9. Jamiet

    Sandy, we need an update

    Sandy, Did you get in touch with the doc's monday and did you get in touch with the ALS clinic? take care, Jamie
  10. Jamiet

    For those of us in unknown this...

    I'm not trying give anyone false hope here, only posting what i find to be real, geniune stroies, i've spoken to two of these personnaly. Pay close attention to who wrote the thread, you will see a chain of progress from a few people. For those of us, who are in unknown land (Normal EMG, NO...