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    1:18 am

    At 1:18 this morning my mother in law passed away. Everything happened so fast yesterday I still can't believe that I am even writing this. She had some labored breathing in the morning and it went from there. She went peacefully and I know that she was ready, we had seen the signs but didn't...
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    nursing home vs. home care?

    We are struggling with knowing what is best for our PALS. I have off during the summer since I'm a teacher and have been able to stay home and take care of my MIL, with help from her sister who comes and stays. But when September comes, this just won't be possible. We know at some point we just...
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    glad I found this!

    Hi. My mother-in-law lives with my husband and I and was diagnosed 2 years ago. In the past 3 months the disease has progressed so quickly, and it feels like something new is challenging her each day. Last night was a bad night and then this morning was even worse and I truly thought I was going...