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    ALS Patients Traveling to higher altitudes

    I am a caregiver with a best friend who has bulbar ALS. I need help so she can travel to a higher elevation to see a grand-baby's birth! K has support of CPAP at night (yes, I know it should be BiPap but I can't write the medical order to change it- I am working on it) we can use supplemental...
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    CALS with Bulbarian friend

    My friend is newly diagnosed. Speech slurred, sleep apnea, some fasiculations, lyrangospasms and some vagal events with near syncope. She is recently complaining of itchy scalp. Is this common with ALS? Anyone have a suggestion? we are finishing up initial visit with ALS clinic in a couple...
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    Looking to learn

    My dearest friend was diagnosed with ALS on Jan 11. She has bulbar presentation. Speech is slurred, swallowing troubles at times, voice has changed. First sleep study and nocturnal oximetry are done, showing obstructive sleep apnea. Some fasiculations. Occasional lyrangospasm are really scary...