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    Dr. Lewis Rowland at Columbia in NYC

    HI ALL, Anyone been to see him? He founded the ALS Center there. I posted the "Dysphagia" post last night freaking out about blowing food out of my nose after eating last night - first time ever. And I got scared all over again about my twitching meaning something more than just twitching. I...
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    I just go super scared. My background - have been twitching bodywide for 9 years. Seen m any neuros and was absolutely OK with a diagnosis of BFS. Then last November, my tip of my tongue began to twitch intermittently. I saw 2 neruos who said I was fine - normal clinical exams so normal they did...
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    Tongue twitching

    Can folks describe if there is any difference between "benign" tongue twitching and the type of tongue twitching one sees in ALS in the tongue? I have occasional tongue twitches, accompanied by a burning, pulling, painful contracting feeling in a small area on the tip of my tongue that come and...