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  1. blitzc

    SupraPubic Catheter

    At my Clinic visit yestereday, my neurologist reccommended I have a suprapubic catheter put in given the fact that I am totally reliant upon my wheelchair with transfers for toileting. From the little understanding I have, this sounds like a great plan to save my caregivers less transfers...
  2. blitzc

    Travel advice for PALS going west

    Steve and other friends of the west: Our family has decided to travel to Yellowstone stopping at Mount Rushmore on the way. We wanted to have a family trip to celebrate our son's college graduation. Flying is out of the picture since we need the PWC, so we will drive the handicapped van. So...
  3. blitzc

    New Year's Eve

    Enjoy this beautiful music performed by the Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Greater Cleveland and Michael Stanley.
  4. blitzc

    What brings you joy?

    I was interviewed by second year doctoral PT students several days ago regarding Living with ALS as they try to understand this disease. The students asked me about therapy, adaptive devices, and modifications to my environment. Then one gentleman asked "You told us about your previous...
  5. blitzc

    Final words of John Lewis Opinion piece written by John Lewis and published by the New York Times. (Not sure if the link will work-if not look it up. Well...
  6. blitzc

    Baseball is Back!

  7. blitzc

    Evening headaches

    Help needed to figure out these painful headaches that have been sucking the life out of me almost (but not every) evening for the past 6 months or more. I used to have severe shoulder, neck pain at the end of the work day when I still worked due to supporting my head and all the daily activity...
  8. blitzc

    Can't get off the toilet independently-what now?

    I have had a raised toilet seat for about two years and have raised the legs along the way. In the last three weeks a sudden change has occurred. Now I need help getting off most of the time, being able to push myself up only once or twice a day. My husband works. With stay at home orders, my...
  9. blitzc

    What does my cough indicate?

    In another recent thread, an observation was made that a cough could indicate aspiration. I cough, and have for some time, often. When exerting myself and taking a deep breath but also when eating. Breathing while eating is difficult and makes the process of eating exhausting. I don't choke...
  10. blitzc

    Telemedicine Appointment today

    I was scheduled to have my quarterly Clinic appointment next week. But my doctor cancelled clinic for all of us for the next couple months. He called me using video conference app, Doxy. It worked great. He was able to see some basic, simple tasks and lots of discussion walking through the...