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    Praying for a Cure

    I wrote this when my husband died in 2013. It has been 4 years and in that time, a dear friend lost her son to this disease, and I have a dear sweet friend who is battling daily. “In a few hours, four years ago, you left us. Here I am, wide awake, dreading the morning. If I knew then what I...
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    Quantum 6 Edge Wheelchair

    Quantum 6 Edge Power Wheelchair-never used, purchased July 2013; Has battery charger with extra battery, high back seat, rear control, adjustable foot plates, elevating leg rests, and much more. $5000.00 OBO. Sadly, my husband passed away and could never use the chair.
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    Battle lost

    Sadly, my husband who was diagnosed January 31, 2013 lost his battle with ALS on November 27. Though this was a difficult year, I would gladly attend to all the details of his care all over again. My daughter quit her job to stay home with him in the later stage and my two sons assisted me in...
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    New to forum

    My husband who is 56-years-old was diagnosed with ALS Jan 31, 2013. He already has lost lower function and is wheelchair bound. His upper strength is deteriorating as well. Speech is still good, but voice changing and breathing more difficult with coughing. We are getting up 4-5 times per night...