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    Need some feedback

    I put an earlier post on here a few months back and just saw the feedback. I was blown away by the kind words on here. I had cervical, thoracic and lumbar MRI both w and wo contrast. Tons of bloodwork. Now they want to send me for an emg. Definitely scared as hell, the leg trouble MUCH WORSE
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    Need some feedback

    Back several months ago I had a few spells of swallowing difficulty ..which improved. I went to neurologist and I failed my exam as I had clonus in my left ankle. All mris negative. Though now for the last few months my right leg has Been giving me problems, it started lie I had a cramp in my...
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    I'm scared and my doc is confused

    I havevhad for the last couple months muscle cramping starting in my right calf and gradually turning into fasciculations all over w weakness in legs and arms. It seems to be worse at night but never goes away at all and is getting progressively worse. I have had severe migraines for over a...