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    Peg Monday, worried re transferring

    Hi forum, I am scheduled for a PEG Monday, and it suddenly occurred to me that getting me out of bed, and especially getting me onto the toilet, may be a real issue for a time while healing. I am still (just barely) able to get myself between bed and wheelchair with a sliding board, but for...
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    Question for experienced PALS and CALS

    Has anyone out there ever heard of a cooperative living arrangement for PALS? I’m dreaming of a community setting (small group home?) that encourages the involvement of CALS (+ family/friends) but with considerable relief for CALS from the 24/7 commitment. Also the mutually supportive...
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    Sensory symptoms?

    Hi, I have supposed "probable ALS". But I have some weird symptoms that the doc dismisses so quickly, and I wonder if anyone else has experienced anything like them. When I shower and shampoo, about a minute after towel drying, I get horrendous itching of the scalp and palms of my hands. It...