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    Getting worse and very concerned

    Hello, I apologize for starting a new thread. But mine from December of last year wouldn't let me post anymore. I'm returning because things have progressed since then. I started with fasics at the end of October that were concerning and sent me to the Dr to begin with. They did an emg of my...
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    Are these onset symptoms of ALS?

    Hello again, I apologize I accidentally cut off part of my last post so I'm sure it seemed a little strange and I didn't get my questions across. I have since had an EMG test done yesterday and he told me that he didn't think I had signs of ALS. I am still trying to get those results to...
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    Are these onset symptoms of ALS?

    Hello Laurie, Thank you for your quick response, it is greatly appreciated. The doctor did also order a sleep study test as well. Luckily the acid reflux isn't as bad as it was. Which it was really bad and caused 24/7 discomfort and kept me out of the gym as well from nausea. I'm a very...
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    Are these onset symptoms of ALS?

    Hello, Thank you first of all for allowing this type of discussion on your forum. I did read the thread ahead of time discussing the disease and it's symptoms. But I am having a lot of worry in my case and would still like to hear other opinions based on experiences. I am a 33 yr old male who...