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    Cleveland Clinic Als Clinic

    Report on our ALS clinic appointment at Cleveland Clinic. I am not sure how much information my mom had before we went, but I really didn't know what to expect. I thought I would share so that others who are waiting for an appointment would know what to expect. My mom (74) was diagnosed at the...
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    lift recliner chair

    My mom is who is dragging right foot.leg and starting to drag left is thinking she needs a lift/recliner type chair. Do you think this will help her get to walker? She is using a walker with a seat to walk around at this point. $400 plus - is this a good purchase or save money for something else?
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    ALS Clinic

    My mom is finally scheduled for the ALS Clinic at Cleveland Clinic. Can anyone give me an idea of your first time at an ALS Clinic? Especially if you have participated at Cleveland Clinic. My mom is pretty much in denial of ALS and I am afraid has some unrealistic expectations. I think it...
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    Chair Lift problems?

    We had a chair lift (a chair that goes up and down steps) donated for use by my mother diagnosed ALS. My son and husband unassembled and re-installed the chair. After a few weeks, it has begun to stop on its way up the stair. Going down is fine. After hitting the switch a few times, it will...
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    Mom diagnosed Monday

    Okay, new diagnose on Monday, let me catch my breath. My mom has lost feeling in right leg over past year, losing control of right leg, and seems to have back trouble. My dad's health is fragile due to heart and broken leg this summer. I am only child living in state. Aside from emotional -...