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    Please Read ASAP

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    Thank you All

    Hello everyone. Unfortunately, Northport High School's project did not get in the Top 5 round of the American Express Member's Project. Even though this may seem like a disappointment, it really is not- people are now more aware of this disease and hopefully something great will come of it. I...
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    Please Read ASAP

    Hello All My name is Briana and I am from Northport High School's A Midwinter Night's Dream, an organization at my school raising awareness and money for ALS. So far we have raised about $472,000 over the past three years with our annual benefits held at Oheka Castle. We entered our cause into...
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    AMERICAN EXPRESS Members Project: HELP STOP ALS needs your vote

    Hi Everyone, Many of you have heard about, and seen the commercials for the AMEX Member's Project. Our group Help Stop ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) has made the top 25, and all votes need to be in by July 22nd for us to move up to Top 5. $5 Million for ALS is BIG and we need everyone's help...
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    Please Read!

    Hi Everyone! Our names are Briana and Becca and we are a part of Becca3104's organization at our high school, A Midwinter Night's Dream. We just wanted to add to Becca's threads that it is so important to us that anybody votes- we really need the votes because we're in 8th place and we have to...