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    ? on speaking devices

    I'm in Hospice where I can't get much, anyway back to my question on what type of machine to get. I heard something about getting a Laptop computer that coulr just get the software and eye gazing for it. Is it really that simple? Thanks, Roni
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    Need Help w/this one-message board for teens with ALS parent

    Thought you guys could give me some ideas about a message board for teen kids of us pALS. Need one for us too. But, it's been challenging for my 14 year old twin girls (have a 10 year old son too). I do go to a support group (helps alot) have talked to them but, not alot of people have teen...
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    Need some help/advice, catheters etc.

    Hello not sure if I have ever posted here before but, all of your postings have been helpful. I am at about 3 years with this. Seems like I just cannot get caught up with the progession last few months (the planning ahead) equipment wise, etc. Try to keep this short but no one else seems to get...
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    Another new member

    Just came across this site, been on many last months. I was diagnosed 11/15/05, 36 year old mother of 3 kids, twin girls age 11 and 7 year old son. This mental roller coast has been crazy as you all know. But, dealing here! Glad to find more support! Thanks Roni