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    Any link between MND and schizoaffective/ schizophrenia?

    I'm curious to know if there is a link between ALS and schizoaffective disorder. I myself lost my mother in may 2019 from Bulbar Als she was 68, and my brother has Bipolar schizoaffective disorder since he was 19 (Now he is 41 years old). My mother used to have this nervous tick; she would make...
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    Hello everyone, I was wondering if neudexta is safe to take for an als patient that doesnt have pba. Ive managed to get the medication from someone in the states. My pals is taking amitriptyline pills and cbd oil both for sleep and to help with mucus problems. she is having difficulty talking...
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    Mother Diagnosed

    Hi everyone, My mother has been diagnosed with ALS 2 weeks ago. she is having a bulbar onset right now having a hard time swallowing, talking and eating. Her Neurologist told me her breathing is good and has a relatively slow progression. She is on Riluzole right now, seems like the progression...